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Feb. 16th, 2010

Low-Carb Bento #7 - fun with bottles

My JBox bento wont be here for awhile, so all these are going
to be in my snap-top food storage trays.

Wanted a little bigger bottle for salad dressing, so got some
little glass bottles with nice colored screw top lids from Michael's
craft store. Not as cute as a Japanese soy sauce container, but
a bit bigger. We fill them with a plastic syringe that we got at
AxeMan surplus.

from the right - in the bigger tray, salad (with a bottle on the bottom
with salad dressing pickles, sprouts, and a sliced radish. On the left
of that tray - mini hamburgers with another bottle with an asian sauce,
fried tofu pocket, and a sweet chicken/egg/cheese rolled in nori thing
that my husband invented.

In the little snack tray - spiced pecans, the shiritaki noodle pudding
and low-carb chocolate rum ball experiments from the weekend, and
strawberries and pomegranate seeds.

If I hadn't mentioned - what you are looking at is my food for the
entire day. I just have a protein shake in the morning and at night.
I munch out of the bento boxes in my long days at work. It is an
attempt at dieting a bit. I have lost 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks, so
I guess it works.

Low-Carb Bento #6 - the temporary box fix

I went to the Container Store after my bento box bit it, and
found some clear snap top containers in 3 sizes that work out
well for lunch. Not as pretty a background - but they happen
to be made in Japan, so I guess they count.

Here is the bento my husband made for me on Monday -
it made me happy. The egg was supposed to be a chicken
face, but it's beak was crooked, and it looked rather
bedraggled but cute in the new pink silicon cup I found
at Michaels craft store. Gave it character!

In the big box, from the right: teriyaki chicken, decorated egg,
green olives, yellow pepper, carrots, sprouts.

In the little box, black grapes, blood orange, pomegranate seeds, almonds,
a low-carb coconut rum ball and a low carb shiritaki noodle pudding,
(some cooking experiments from the weekend.)

Feb. 12th, 2010

Not as Low-Carb Bento #5 - the masterpiece and the end of a box

Sadly my large flat box I've been using for the first 2 weeks of my
bento-ing is no more.

After heating the beef in a bowl, I put it back in the box and just set
the non-microwaveable lid on it to carry it back to my desk. I heard a
pop, and a small crack appeared in the nice snap down lid. I might have
still used it, but when I got home, the dog knocked my lunch bag out of
my hand and the lid smashed to bits. I've sent to JBOX.com for a new
sturdier bento, but it will take 3-5 weeks!

But here is the last masterpiece in that bento box:

In the large tray - barbequed beef strips, quinoa, a heart shaped egg with sprinkles,
a butterfly mold filled with sprouts and butterfly punches of nori, tomato and
mozzarella slices, and a little bottle of balsamic vinegar and oil.

It was a long day, so he sent the 2 tiers of his little bento box filled with
black grapes and orange slices - and in the 2nd tier, low carb crackers cinnamon
and coconut crackers, sweet almonds, regular almonds and spicy pecans.

It was wonderful!

Feb. 9th, 2010

Low-carb Bento #4

Today's lunch - photographed in the lunchroom at work -

Big tray - right side is tofu noodles with "ants climb a tree"
meat sauce. Middle is cottage cheese sprinkled with spices,
pesto mustard, carrot shreds. Left is beef sausage and cheese
cut into all kinds of fun shapes with little cookie cutters.
And cauliflower, pickles and home grown sprouts (yes I got
a sprouter kit and tons of seeds!)

Little tray is blood orange, pineapple and starfruit.

Then dreamshark  and I shopped for bento boxes online.
This is becoming a really fun hobby! A hobby that is
also food - what could be better?

Feb. 7th, 2010

Low-carb Bento #3

Still trying to learn how to photograph food with the iphone.
A little fuzzy, but here was a the bento the husband made me today.
I'm also trying to figure out what size photo to load to LJ.

Low Carb, except for a little fruit.

greens with asian dressing on the right bottom, pomegranate,
cantalope and oranges on the top right.
Pickled ginger in the middle. And the left side is all from
Kawai Bento book: Hijiki, carrot and tofu puff salad on the bottom left
Stuffed mushrooms, on the top, and fried chicken rolls on the top (the
stuff wrapped in nori.)

Feb. 5th, 2010

bento #2 - what a husband!

Yes, dreamshark has totally gotten me back
into bento-ing. I've been bored with my required low-carb,
gluten-free diet and this has sparked my interest in food again.

My husband is the one who packs my lunch for my long days at
work, and he took to bento making with a vengeance. After
buying some supplies, this is the 2nd one he made
(no photos of 1st, but it was great).

I'm joined the LJ group bentolunch, and am posting these entries there,
will try to figure out how to cross post.

In the big dish is crab with diet alfredo sauce on tofu noodles.
On the right are radishes, pea pods, marinated blue cheese, home grown
sprouts with pickled ginger, olives and pickles.
In the small dish is pomegranate seeds, clementines, orange.

Dec. 6th, 2009

Another Adventure

Since no one reads my blogger page, and jbru pointed out I
could "copy and paste" my entries in both, I thought I would
try it. What newfangled thing will they invent next? :)
If you read my blogger page, this will be redundant.

So work announced this week that they were sending me off to
California, to 2 of the corporate offices next week. I'm going
to miss all the Christmas parties, and when I get back the
Company shuts down until after new years. So I get a trip and
a break for over 3 weeks. I'll for get what the office looks like!

I didn't really want to go, and then the weather here got
suddenly winterish, so now I'm sort of looking forward to it.
I will be in the San Jose area from next Sunday to Tuesday,
then it is down to Orange County until Friday. I'll be
near Laguna Beach, and hope I'll get a little time to see it.
Last time I was at headquarters there wasn't time - and it's
been 24 years since I've seen it. I loved it back then,
I wonder if it has changed a lot.

So this weekend was a little shopping, going through clothes, and
preparing for the trip. Not much time next Saturday to get ready,
so I'm doing it all this weekend.

Another Mini-adventure, and a nice break from routine!

Jul. 6th, 2009

Con Recovery Mode

If you want to know how my con went - go read about it on my regular blog:

I'm far too tired to write it up twice.
Good Times!

Jun. 27th, 2009

poor little account

Ah, I just noticed my much ignored LJ account. I still post over at my blogspot account, but
am having trouble keeping up with that too. I set out to write everyday, and now it is about
once every week or two. When did life get so crazy?

I'm looking forward to Convergence - going to actually stay there and do it up right.
Last year, I just commuted and saw bits and pieces of it. I expect having the break
from TOO MUCH WORK will be good for me!  

Now if I can just refrain from volunteering at the Con, and working too much....
My goal it to go and just enjoy myself - but if I get the least bit bored, I find
myself volunteering.... Why can't I just relax!??

Dec. 30th, 2008

moto-i - what are you waiting for?

If you all haven't been to Moto-i - do so! At once!
It is the only Sake brew pub and Izakaya restaurant outside of Japan.

The food and snacks are great, and the sake is really something.
They are nearly on the corner of Lake and Lyndale (and is hard to see, it is so unobtrusive).
4 of us went there last night, and had a wonderful time until a transformer blew and took
out the whole block. They finally ended up sending us all home and the tab was free!

We felt slightly guilty, we'd eaten and drank at least $100 - and we liked the place so much
we want to see them succeed and make money.

Anyways, give it a try. Web page with menus is at www.moto-i.com

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